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Productivity is key to any workplace. Your business will fail if you don’t work hard and are inconsistent. High productivity, good work ethics and efficiency are all key factors in business growth. Your business will suffer if these and other aspects are not present.

Low productivity is usually an internal issue. Some factors that could affect productivity include poor equipment, dissatisfaction among employees, and an unhealthy or unclean workplace. Here are some tips to help you overcome the negative effects of poor productivity. A well-organized, safe and clean environment is a key factor in productivity. We have provided some tips for keeping your office and workspace clean.


Various elements create dust. Dust production is more common in offices with many people working together. Dust can be collected from paper fibres, upholstery fibres and skin cells. Dusting is essential in high-traffic areas like offices. Dust settles on everything. Dust tends to settle on almost everything. Cleaning these surfaces and areas is crucial to reducing dust accumulation.

  • Desks
  • You can place objects on the desk, such as globes and picture frames.
  • Bookshelves
  • Filing cabinets
  • Window sills
  • Computer monitors
  • Computer mouse
  • Telephones

Avoid using a feather duster to dust these items as it can cause dust striations. To eliminate dust particles, you can use a damp cloth, a suitable furniture polish, or cleaner. This will prevent dust particles from getting airborne and can worsen allergies or other health problems workers might have.

Cleaning Frequented Surfaces

Your office furniture may contain more bacteria and germs than your bathroom . Cross-contamination can occur when you touch your keyboard, mouse, monitor or other co-workers’ desks and keyboards while working. It is essential to disinfect surfaces. To kill bacteria and germs, disinfecting wipes are a must when cleaning up your space. Make sure you clean your desk, chair handles and telephone handles as well as the computer and mouse that are frequently touched. This will ensure your workplace is clean and safe for your daily work. Be sure to use safe wipes when cleaning electronics.

Remove Unwanted Fabric Spots

It’s possible for stains to appear on carpets, upholstery, and entrance rugs in high-traffic areas like offices. There are many stains that could appear, including coffee spillages, mud spots and food stains. These stains can look unwelcoming and dirty in an office. They can be cleaned to improve the office’s appearance and make it look cleaner and more fresh. To remove spots from carpets and rugs, you can use carpet cleaner spray. This spray can also lift stains from upholstered chairs. You can also make your own stain-removal spray if this does not work. Stains can also be lifted by using baking soda and warm water. Be sure to let it sit for at least two hours before you remove it.

Vacuuming, Sweeping and Mopping Floors

Maintaining a clean office is a key requirement to keep it safe and clean. It can cause a host of problems if debris and spills build up on the floor. This can lead to unsanitary conditions in your office and create hazards for slips or falls. Carpeted floors and rugs should be vacuumed daily if you can. Sprinkle baking soda on carpets to eliminate unpleasant odors. Baking soda works as a neutralizer and helps eliminate unpleasant odors. Non-carpeted floors can be cleaned with sweeping and mopping. This is a great way to remove dirt, dust, and grime. You can clean your floors with a small amount of dish detergent, warm water, vinegar, baking soda. It can also help to restore the floor’s shine. The same solution can be used to clean any other surface.

Declutter and organize your space

Cleanliness and order in a space is a great environment for productivity. This improves focus and reduces distractions. It allows you to quickly find the items you need, without having to search for them all. It also helps to avoid sensitive paperwork being misplaced. This ensures that things stay where they belong and can be accessed when needed.

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