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It’s exciting and terrifying to start or buy a cleaning company. But the most frightening part is finding clients and keeping them. Good news is that you already have a clientele for your cleaning business, and there are many avenues for communication and advertising.

There are some things you need to know before you start your cleaning business.

Develop a Marketing Strategy

Strategy is key to attracting clients for your cleaning business.

First, identify who and what you want to reach. Next, consider the best ways to reach them, including through social media or simply putting flyers up at your local deli.

Cleaning businesses serve a specific clientele. This can be corporate clients, event centers, families with children, and homeowners. You can make affordable ads for any group by creating a Facebook and Instagram page.

Each ad should be simple. You should focus on the main selling points of one ad and customer testimonials in the other. The simpler, clearer, and more concise your message is, the better.

Printing business cards is a great way to find cleaning clients, especially if your plan is to attend fairs and conventions.

Refer a customer

Although it might seem daunting to ask for a referral, it is a great way to quickly get cleaning clients.

Here’s the secret to getting commercial cleaning clients. Don’t try to be an agent. Be human. You can ask for help at any time, but you should be polite.

You can refer anyone you know such as family members, friends, and even clients. However, you must actively seek them out. You don’t have to wait for someone to refer you. Knowing how to get commercial cleaners means you don’t need to wait for them to come to you. Asking satisfied customers for referrals is the best way to find them. You can ask them for referrals with confidence and detail your best service.

You can also use these referrals to create testimonials on your website. Your website will be more attractive to potential customers if it has positive reviews.


People won’t try a product or service if it costs them a lot of time or money.

Offer a discount or coupon every now and again to encourage cleaning clients to try your services.

Most companies will offer a discount to customers who are just starting their first service. A new customer may feel more special if they don’t have to spend as much as a regular customer.

Many businesses offer a “buy one, get one” or “bring your friend” discount. This encourages customers to bring their friends and doubles the number of customers.

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