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A vacuum’s greatest asset is its versatility. You can get all the dirt and grime out of your carpets. The vacuum is the perfect tool for this. You can also use it to quickly clean the kitchen floor of coffee grounds, vacuum dust from your blinds, and get crumbs out of your couch.

A vacuum cleaner is not just for Carpet cleaning in mandurah. A vacuum can take the place of a broom or dustrag. Your vacuum can become the main tool for cleaning your home with the right attachments. But only if you can use it correctly.

How to adjust the vacuum’s pile height

Let’s begin with the most fundamental aspect of vacuuming: running it across a carpet or rug. Although we’ve all done it (or seen someone else do it, you lazy bums), not everyone has taken the extra step to check the vacuum’s pile height before turning on.

Carpets and rugs are made of “piles”, which refers to the fabrics and fibers they’re made from. It can be described as “all the stuff piled on top” of your carpet backing.

It is important to understand that carpets can have different pile heights. Have you ever felt the difference between walking on a soft, plush carpet and a cheap-priced rug? Sometimes, your carpet pile can be so high that you can move your toes in it. In such cases, adjust the pile height of your vacuum to accommodate the carpet fibers.

Because I don’t know which vacuum model you have, I cannot tell you how to adjust the vacuum’s pile height. You will find a knob or switch on the front of your vacuum that allows you to adjust the pile height. This is the part that runs across the carpet. It’ll be subtle so pay attention.

If your vacuum is set to “high pile” on a low-pile carpet, it won’t grab dirt from the fibers’ base. It will take extra effort to push a vacuum set to “low pile height” through high pile carpet. You might damage your carpet and it will make vacuuming a chore.

All should enjoy vacuuming!

Vacuum in straight lines whenever you can

Although I don’t wish to dwell on it too much, you should run your vacuum in straight lines if you want to vacuum your carpet well. Keep going back and forth until you have covered every inch. If you push the carpet back and forth randomly, it’s much more likely that you will miss a spot.

I know this because most furniture is in the way, and we don’t want to have to move it all every time we vacuum. You should vacuum as straight as possible and try to fit the furniture in your vacuum. Use a vacuum attachment to get dirt from under our couches and chairs.

This brings me to:

Know what vacuum attachments you have

A vacuum usually comes with at most four basic attachments. These include a crevice and upholstery tools, a crevice and dusting tool, and an extension wand. This is similar to a crevice tool but can reach ceiling fans or the tops of windows.

These attachments are great for cleaning up small areas. The upholstery tool can be used to clean your couch cushions. Next, use the crevice tool for removing any dog hair and crumbs. Finally, you can use the extension wand on the couch to collect any dust bunnies. Dust the coffee table legs with the dusting brush. If you wish to dust the entire house, you can use the dusting brush.

Do not put your vacuum attachments away in the closet. Make sure you use them. Get to know them. They will quickly become your best friend.

Some vacuums can clean floors that are not carpeted.

Although I don’t recall if you had to vacuum carpets in your home and sweep non-carpeted floors using a broom, things have changed. A vacuum equipped with a hardwood floor attachment can be used on any floor, including tile, wood, linoleum and tile. ).

You can’t use a standard vacuum to clean hardwood floors. It is because of the tiny rotating fibers to pull dirt from your carpet. These fibers can cause damage to non-carpeted floors. Unless your vacuum has an attachment that works with other flooring types or an option to turn off your roll brush completely, you may want to continue Swiffing and sweeping the old way.

Robot vacuums are designed to complement, not take over.

One last word of advice. I know we love our robot vacuums. They are great at controlling pet hair, but a robot vacuum is only going so far. Your Roomba will not be able to reach the crevices in your gaming chair and collect Doritos crumbs. It cannot climb on your window blinds, and it can’t remove the crud from the ceiling fan’s top.

Let your robot do its job, then thank it and use a realvacuum for the tasks that only a person (with a true vacuum) can do.

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