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Our new home is wonderful, and we love everything about it. It’s been great to have a regular for our family, come home to a place we feel comfortable staying and create memories in our new home. I always tell Zach that I love cleaning our new house. It is a wonderful feeling to be able to clean a space you love and make it your own.


A few months back, I reached out to you ladies on Insta-Stories and asked about your cleaning routine. Is there a longer cleaning schedule that you follow or a daily cleaning schedule? You guys were amazing! I received so many messages about your cleaning habits and how they work for you. Also, what would you change to make your life easier? We created our routine for our home after this was done. With the holidays approaching, I wanted to make sure I was doing everything I could to ensure that there weren’t any major cleaning chores that I needed to do. I want to keep up with what I already have done. It’s no secret that holidays can be crazy, so why not make it a little easier?

  • I’m excited to share our cleaning regimen, how it works for us, and the cleaning products we love. This is how our cleaning routine looks:
  • Mondays: Bathrooms. I clean everything in the bathrooms. Floor, mirrors, showers, tubs, etc.
  • Tuesdays: Dusting – I dust each room of the house
  • Wednesdays: Floors – Many people vacuum one day and mop another the next. I do them all simultaneously so that things don’t get tracked from one place to the next.
  • Thursdays: Kitchen – I clean my kitchen every evening by wiping down the counter, dishes and other surfaces. On Thursdays, I clean the appliances and wipe down the cabinets.
  • Friday: Catch-All – This is my catch-up day if I miss something during the week.

In our marriage, we have tried many different cleaning products. However, there is one brand we love and that we always return to. Lemi Shine is our favorite cleaning product. They are amazing to use, affordable and have no questionable chemicals.

Their Everyday Cleaning is what we use every day. It’s what I use to clean my kitchen counters and bathroom counters. It is the perfect scent to clean your home without making it too strong. It is all we use in our dishwasher. We sometimes pair it with their DishDetergent Booster, and we run a load at home about every other day. All our large pots and pans are washed. We are crazy about the Liquid Dish Soap. It isn’t drying out my hands and makes our dishes shine. The Garbage Disposal Cleaning Cleaner is my absolute favorite. I swear, I could never get that thing clean before this magical product.

The store locator will help you locate Lemi Shine products close to you. Don’t forget to redeem the coupon.

We hope you will find a cleaning system that works for your family by sharing ours. It makes life so much easier, and it is a great way to keep my home clean even during the holiday season.


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