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This year, health is our priority. It is the norm to maintain cleanliness on all surfaces. Simple practices like washing hands, keeping distance, and wearing masks are strictly enforced to prevent health problems. Germs can be spread, and contamination is a real risk. People are trying to ensure food safety by following the best sanitation practices. Food safety boils down to where food is prepared, packaged and processed. What can we do as a kitchen to ensure that it adheres to hygiene standards?

 Gas Stove

One area that can be a breeding ground for infections is the gas stove. Experts recommend cleaning the stove with soap or detergent mixed with water after each meal. This is a simple way to keep the kitchen clean and healthy and the food being prepared.

 Kitchen Counters and Slabs

The kitchen counters and slabs are where vegetables, fruits, and other ingredients are stored before washing. To prevent germs from contaminating produce during the cooking stage, kitchen slabs must be clean and tidy. It is also an integral part of cooking and should be cleaned frequently. For best results, mix salt and lemon water.

For cleaning kitchen slabs, salt and lemon water are recommended.

Vegetables & Fruits

Food safety is not only about the environment but also the food. It is important to properly clean your vegetables before you eat them to reduce the chance of food contamination. Experts recommend Marico’s Veggie Clean as a good alternative to home remedies. This 100% natural fruits & vegetable cleanser removes 99.9% of germs, pesticides, and waxes. It is free from chlorine, alcohol, and other chemicals.

Nmami Agarwal, the nutritionist, explains, “In today’s scenario, we often choose healthier eating habits, superfoods, and more greens in our diets, but we take the fundamental step of washing our produce quite lightly.” I recommend using a product that has been scientifically tested and certified by Indian labs and international bodies. Marico’s Veggie Clean is a fruit & vegetable cleanser that is 100% natural. It has been proven to remove 99.9% of pesticides, germs, and waxes from the skin.

Marico’s Veggie Clean has been certified by Indian and International experts as 100% safe. You can get 40 washes for as low as Rs 99. Click here to purchase the product.

Utensils and Storage

Food safety includes the containers and utensils it is stored in. Pests can infest flours and lentils, leading to infections and diseases. All utensils must be washed with soap or detergent-based solutions after each use. To reduce the risk of them spoiling, you must dry them completely before adding ingredients.

After each use, utensils should be washed thoroughly.


Mixers, blenders, microwaves and ovens, and other kitchen equipment must all be kept spotless. It is especially important to clean the microwave with a cleaning solution. Experts recommend using a vinegar-water-based cleaner to do the same. To quickly get rid of stains, heat the bowl in the microwave for a couple of minutes.

It is important to keep your kitchen clean and tidy at all times. You can rest assured that your kitchen is clean and safe.

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