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The most important space in a house is the kitchen. It is where all the family’s meals are prepared. It is also home to the most pests and germs.
It is essential to clean your kitchen daily for hygiene reasons and general good health. You can leave your extra plates and packed pottery behind, but you must not neglect the daily surfaces used – counter, stovetop, sink, and floor. These surfaces must be cleaned and wiped clean every day for a germ-free kitchen.

It is not enough to clean the kitchen. You must also maintain a routine of basic hygiene. Here is a checklist to help you keep your kitchen clean.

1. Every day, clean the floor. This is where food and liquid spillages are the most common. Before it attracts insects and flies, it must be cleaned immediately. Spilt food can cause bacterial growth and fungus and may lead to further damage. Spray an antibacterial cleaner (we recommend Dettol Disinfectant Multi-Use Hygiene Fluid) on the area. Wipe it off to remove any risk of fungal and germ entry.

2. The kitchen counter should be wiped twice daily. You can perform many tasks on it. The kitchen counter is where you will find the most bacteria and germs. They can easily infect your cutlery, crockery, raw vegetables, and your meat and fish. It is a quick trip to your body from here. Use an antibacterial spray on a cloth to wipe down your kitchen counter each night. This will eliminate the potential for germs to thrive on the surface.

3. All food should be covered. Although they can survive at high temperatures, germs quickly infect food. Doctors recommend boiling your water in areas with water contamination from the municipal water supply. Flies and other insects can quickly infest food and further contaminate it. You should discard leftovers in a day, heat food before cooking, and keep all raw and cooked food in sealed containers.

4. Make sure to clean the tops and kitchen sink. It’s always damp, and dishes and cooking utensils get stuck to the surfaces. These food particles slowly decompose and can lead to bacterial activity. To eliminate any traces of bacteria growth, the sink and surrounding areas must be cleaned twice daily with a strong disinfectant cleaner. For best results, use the Dettol Kitchen gel. Clean the taps and sink with an antibacterial wipe. Let it dry.

5. The refrigerator should be cleaned once per month. Your refrigerator is where you store all your food. Its cleanliness will decide whether or not you eat healthy food. It is not an easy task and must be done quickly. You cannot store refrigerated food at room temperature for very long. However, it would be best to clean the fridge at least once per month with soapy water. Because the refrigerator is so close to food, it is best not to use any cleaning product. Use a sanitizing spray if you have to. After it has dried, wipe down the interior with an antibacterial wipe.

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