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However, it’s not as easy as learning how to clean. While you are focusing on your business growth and maintaining high quality standards, it is important to train and hire cleaning staff. Here are seven ways to train maids or house cleaners.

  1. Basic Training with Strategic Team SchedulingHow you organize your company and what the scope of each job are will influence how you decide how to train employees. A new hire can help you on-the-job if you send only one person to clean each home.
    It is important to ensure that every new hire works with the seasoned employees, regardless of how many team members you have. You want every employee to understand the company culture and brand expectations, such as how they communicate with clients or what they wear. However, they should also be familiar with the duties of each cleaner.Long-term performance is better if a maid has more experience on the job. You can instill confidence even in the most inexperienced employees by providing training that is partnership-oriented. You can ensure that they are committed to their job by starting them off well and providing plenty of resources.These are some general guidelines for how to train maids.

    – Create a standard procedure for every job such as how to remove grout stains or how to steam clean carpet. Train all staff members on the procedures.

    Employers should be able to offer multiple ways to reach the same goal so they can all use the best method for them and still deliver consistent results.

    To learn all the details of your business, pair up each new member of staff with an experienced maid.

    For uniformity, issue uniforms to employees or require specific colors and dress codes.

    – Have each employee practice customer introductions. This includes requesting that they greet the customer, introduce themselves and discuss any technical or legal details at the beginning of the job.

    – Provide guidance on how to deal with property damage, and outline insurance policies and coverages for future reference.

    Establishing guidelines for scheduling and responsibilities to ensure that each employee works in all areas of the business.

  2. Focus on Soft SkillsSoft Skills are personality traits and social awareness. Although it can be difficult to teach these skills, you can instill traits such as emotional intelligence and “people skills” among your staff.Instead of focusing on the numbers, encourage your cleaning staff members to make personal connections with clients. It doesn’t matter if you know the entire story of every customer. Being sensitive to customers’ needs and expectations is the first step towards ensuring repeat business.These are the areas and traits that soft skills cover:

    Communication skills
    – Creative thinking
    – Work ethic
    – Teamwork
    – Networking
    – Decision making
    – Problem-solving
    – Time management
    – Conflict resolution

    You should be focusing on finding employees who are positive and have the ability to do things. The physical aspects of onboarding such as cleaning the house and training the staff will not be a problem.

  3. Give your employees the power to improve customer serviceWhile ensuring that the job is done properly is the best way of providing excellent customer service, employees need to feel comfortable going above and beyond. Your staff can offer your customers “extras” such as a deep cleaning of the carpet or a 10% discount. This will increase their ability to provide exceptional service.Training in cleaning business should include techniques for great customer service.– Collecting client preferences and passing them along to the team.

    – Answering client questions.

    – Quickly returning phone calls and emails.

    Time gaps between jobs are important to avoid arriving late for a task or leaving early to be on-time elsewhere.

    – Dressing professionally and bringing all necessary equipment and tools (plus backups if necessary) to work.

  4. With a focus on building long-term clients (and lucrative relationships)It might seem that all you need to start a cleaning company is to source clients and complete cleaning duties . If you focus only on existing clients or jobs, your business may not gain the momentum that you want.You and your team must use more than cleaning products and equipment to build long-lasting relationships with clients. Software tools are needed to automate client invoicing and billing, track employee scheduling , maid training, and follow-up with clients once jobs are completed.Encourage your team to use all marketing tools, from email communication to Facebook and other social networks, to improve customer experience . This will increase your chances of retaining customers.

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