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Cleaning professionals who work primarily in residential spaces can find it difficult to operate during the COVID-19 crisis. Customers are afraid to allow staff into their homes, disrupting businesses. Some companies have temporarily stopped offering services to protect their employees. Others may be required to close their doors due to local laws. Every challenge is a chance to grow. Imagine if your brand could grow during this period.

You can use this time to create an online community or provide resources for your customers to make the most out of their home time. Are you able to connect with clients via email? Do you have a large fan base, and are you socially savvy? Is your company creating content that promotes your brand? There is no better time than the present to get started!

Virtual communication is now the “new normal”. Fortunately, there are many ways to connect with customers via virtual channels. While email marketing is a great way to communicate with clients, it’s not the only way.

Many brands can attest to the success of investing in a social media strategy. In a previous blog, I discussed creating an organic social strategy. You can also find how home services can develop a social marketing strategy. Engaging content is the key to any social media strategy. You must give people reasons to follow your brand and engage with it. These are some ideas for creating content that promotes your cleaning business’ brand.

Inform, Educate and Entertain

You must create valuable content every week to build a community. When creating content, it is important to remember the golden rule: inform, educate, and entertain. Great if you can do them all!

You do this every day. Give your audience cleaning hacks that can be used even for the most difficult jobs. This content serves a variety of purposes. This content can be used to demonstrate your ability to tackle difficult tasks. It also teaches the audience something new. And, of course, it’s entertaining. Are they addicting!)? Is there a way to bring back old, worn-out wood floors? How can you make carpets look new after years of pet abuse or staining? You can also include tips for marble and granite surfaces. Make a Pergo floor dos and don’ts list. Show how to remove grime from an old tub. These are just some examples. There are many other cleaning tips you can offer your community. Keep it simple, and you will be able to share authentic content.

Declutter Your Home, Declutter your Mind

Spring cleaning is a time of year that has been associated with cleaning. As we watch the COVID-19 pandemic unfold, there is an overwhelming sense of anxiety worldwide. Stress can be reduced by cleaning. Clearance of clutter is linked to negative emotions. Cleanliness has been associated with happiness, calmness and well-being. Numerous studies have shown that cleaning and decluttering can improve mood.

Your company will have an edge because you can provide valuable content for your clients. These spring cleaning projects are common among homeowners who want to stay home safely. It could be cleaning out the basement or organizing the kitchen and closets.

With each post, you can take this topic and make a series that highlights a different aspect of spring cleaning. To keep the chaos under control, you can use fun decluttering and DIY organizing techniques. You can use a tip-of-the-day, a blog post every week, or create video clips to share with your network. It is up to you to decide how often you post, depending on your resources. However, it would help if you were consistent and timely during spring when people are home in self-quarantine.

Be a Product Resources

A large number of internet users are product junkies, meaning that they love trying out new products. A growing number of people choose to use all-natural remedies and products. There is an entire industry dedicated to natural and high-end cleaning products. Seventh Generation and The Grove Collaborative are two examples of companies that use social media influencers to reach a target market. They have been very successful. You may be one of these all-natural product buyers in your community. You can be a resource for them.

Make engaging videos and posts on social media by testing several products on a dirty countertop or bathroom vanity. The winners will be revealed. Alternately you can use a Facebook poll on a page or in a group to find out which products are most popular and then compare them. You never know; your business might be the next big influencer.

You can also approach product knowledge through your content by showing your industry expertise. There has been much panic over how to clean in the last few weeks. What are the best cleaning chemicals? Do you have any specific methods? Are there any restrictions on the use of all-natural cleaners? If COVID-19 is a virus and not bacteria, do we still need to use antibacterial soap? This topic is complex, and there are many sources of information. Many of these claims can be refuted or strengthened. Please spread the word about the virus to your neighbours, so they are confident in their ability to keep their homes clean.

These are just some of how you can connect to your community. However, many other options exist for creating content about your brand and cleaning. Take inspiration from the books and other creators on YouTube. Engaging content allows you to be there when you can’t physically. It also allows you to provide a trusted resource for their cleaning needs. You can also entertain them. We all could use some positivity right now.


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