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Why you should choose A&B Carpet & Rug Cleaning for an eco-friendly cleaning?

For the following reasons :
– Environmentally friendly using natural citrus
– Baby and pet safe – non-toxic solution
– Hypoallergenic process
– Quick carpet drying, average drying time is 2-5 hours
– Stains are specially treated with Green Products used for heavily soiled area
– Furniture moving, if necessary
– Eco carpet cleaning uses the latest technological equipment
– Our technicians are experienced and accredited

Our company uses natural Citrus cleaning solutions that are environmentally safe, since it comes from lemon and orange peels and rinds. This cleaning solution is of high quality and non-toxic for your own health, this is why your carpet should be cleaned professionally.

Our advanced carpet cleaning system penetrates deep into the fiber and removes stubborn stains much better and leaves the carpet a lot drier, leaving no chance for old stains to re-surface.
Our carpet cleaning services are advanced and may sometimes take a little bit more time and intensive work than old fashion carpet cleaning services. But this is the best way to guarantee the longevity, cleanliness and appearance to assure you a healthy environment.
A&B Carpet & Rug Cleaning uses the latest and best technologically advanced equipment.
We assure you three types of service, these are as follows:

Steam Cleaning

Pre-inspection. Fabric fiber ID and spot and stain survey.
Fabric evaluation and professional advice.
We spray a high quality natural solution to enable an all-over clean and fresh appearance.
We treat stains and spots. (Some stubborn spots and stains may cost extra)
Steam clean with hot water extraction.

Apply PH balance and make sure no residue is left in the carpet.
Return furniture and put protective tabs under each leg which stops the transfer of moisture and protects carpet and furniture.
Add fresh deodorizer if required.
Brush and groom carpet to reset the carpet pile which would be left standing to maximize appearance and lessen
drying time.

Shampoo Cleaning
Stop putting up with a Wet Carpet all day. Average drying time is 2 hours price
The greatest cleaning method in the market.
Pre-inspection. Fabric fiber ID and spot and stain survey.
Fabric evaluation and professional advice.
Delicate movement of furniture.
We make sure we vacuum with highly efficient, bacteria safe filters to remove and kill dust mites and allergens, a-must-have,
Just for asthma and allergy sufferers.
Spray with high quality natural products to enable an all-over clean and fresh appearance.
Agitate to ensure soil departure.
Aide to stains and spots. (stubborn spots and stains may attract extra charge)
Steam clean with hot water extraction.
Add fresh deodorizer if required.

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