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It’s never been easy to clean the house. While some people find it unpleasant, I have not met anyone who enjoys this task. It is an integral part of our lives that should not be ignored. The mess can cause us ill and harm our mental and physical health.

Below are the TOP-5 most common cleaning errors that people make. You may stop shivering when you try to avoid making the same mistakes again.

Cleaning order wrong is common to not have a “cleaning plan” before cleaning out a space. Instead, we just let it go and work our way up until we feel satisfied. Although it is better than nothing, next time you clean, be more conscious. Don’t grab the mop right away if you notice that your floor needs to be washed. Check to see if shelves or other furniture needs to be swept first. It is easy to see that if you do it reverse, the dust will settle on the floor, and you will need to clean it again. Start in the upper portion of the room, and work your way to the bottom.

While cleaning is important, it’s also crucial to put your items back where they belong. It is easier to clean flat surfaces than scrub through piles of stuff.

Use of the wrong cleaning products

Many household cleaners work well on all surfaces. However, it is worth having a different product for each character. You wouldn’t use a scrubbing powder to clean furniture or stone surfaces as it could damage valuable items. You could permanently damage your clothes if you use the wrong laundry product. Don’t be afraid to read labels and follow instructions. You will prolong the life of your belongings and save money that could have been spent on unsuitable cleaning products.

Cleaning tools that have not been sterilized

Are you familiar with the multiple streaks mopping leaves behind after a sweep? Sometimes, it feels like the floor looks better than before cleaning. Don’t do yourself any disservice by using dirty tools. Wash your mop heads, cleaning brushes, and other agencies before each use. A vacuum filter cleaning should not be considered a “non-obligatory” task, as the vacuum could be blowing out dirt with each service.

E.coli and Salmonella bacteria thrive in kitchen sponges. This is because food scraps can cause contamination. After each use, clean the sponge well and replace it every so often with a new one.

If you don’t want your clothes to smell musty, take care of your washing machine.

Cleaning delayed

Do not procrastinate or refuse to spend even a few minutes cleaning up after an “accident”. Spilled jelly can cause you to spend hours cleaning it later. You can find ants if you leave it alone and come back later. Take your time, be patient and do what is necessary. This goes beyond “accidents” but also includes regular cleaning. Don’t wait to live in “unsanitary” conditions. Clean your kitchen as frequently as you can, wash your dishes and put dirty laundry in a hamper.

Clean your home on your own

It is okay to want your children happy and free from stress. Both of you can benefit from letting your children help with the cleaning. It is an additional pair of hands for you. While it is for them, it is an investment in their future when they own their home. Start small, then gradually increase the difficulty of chores. At first, they may be responsible for folding towels, dusting flat surfaces, and putting dirty clothes in the hamper. Later, you will be able to add washing windows and doing laundry. It would be best if you communicated the importance of doing small tasks every single day. This will help you make good habits.


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