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It’s not easy to live a perfect life. The number of hours you spend on your career has had a major impact on how much time you have for family and self-care. Some ventures can be put off because they are not urgent enough, but others cannot. While it may seem like a reasonable compromise to put off cleaning your house, it can be detrimental if the dust builds up.

This makes it more difficult than if you tackle each project one at a time. A plan of action and the commitment to following through are key ingredients to a well-maintained home. Your system will need some tweaking. There may be elements of trial-and-error to determine what is most beneficial for you and what is the best option for you. Your lifestyle and schedule will be affected by your master proposal. Sunrise-Cleaning’s team has ten key suggestions that can benefit everyone. They are tailored to your unique lifestyle.

1. Every day, clean

It is true that a little bit goes a long ways in maintaining a clean home. This goal can be achieved with a variety of methods, so it is possible to fail. This method aims to make your workweek more efficient. One option is to clean one room from top to bottom each day. Another option is to pick a single task that you will complete in each room. You might vacuum, mop, and dust on Monday.

2. In spare moments, micro-clean

This concept aims to make the most of your time by completing one task at a time, even though your busy life is still going on. This tip is very appealing because you can accomplish multiple activities in a day without cleaning for long periods of time. While you wait for your turn, fold some clothes or give the kitchen a quick sweep. You may have some time before your children get to school so you can sort through your mail and empty the dishwasher. It is important to fulfill your responsibilities while gradually reducing your to-do lists.

3. It needs to be done daily.

Although it may sound tedious, this piece of advice shows that hard surfaces cleaning in your bathroom and kitchen is beneficial. If they are given more attention, even the most difficult tasks can be made easy. Take less than one minute each day to clean your kitchen cupboards, toilet stall tiles, and kitchen cabinets. This powerful technique not only saves time but also helps you to get the job done quickly.

4. Make sure to keep cleaning products close at hand

It may seem small, but when you find yourself on the mezzanine of a home, you discover that the cleaning product you want is not immediately available. You might find the glass cleaner under your main floor kitchen sink, or in your basement pantry. The critical moment of micro-cleaning quickly passes and the task becomes another. It is a smart idea to keep a primary cleaning product in every bathroom and kitchen.

5. Put away your items in a tidy manner.

A clutter-free home is the key to a clean house. For families with children, the accumulation of stuff can be a problem. It is possible to improve your mental state by making a conscious effort to immediately put away items after they are used. You can only take seconds to complete a task that could make your home feel chaotic and leave you feeling overwhelmed. It’s important to ensure that your home is clean and tidy.

6. Compost night: Clean out your refrigerator

Food and ingredients can spoil after seven days of family meals. A weekly, regular inventory of your refrigerator is a good way to keep your garbage down . This will also help you save time and effort when it is time to prepare your grocery list. It’s important to ensure that your grocery list is completed on garbage night or compost night.

7. Make the most of storage solutions that are stylish

Modern storage cubes are a great choice for any home. They are both functional and stylish. These storage cubes are a stylish and perfect solution to store toys, books, magazines seasonal items, wires and valuables of pets. It is important to keep everything organized and out of view. The visual appeal is an added bonus.

8. Make cleaning a family affair

It is a great way to teach your children how important it is to help out as an individual and collectively. A weekly list of five-minute chores that they can do after school will give them more incentive to help. You can make your time go faster and more enjoyable by dancing while they fold laundry or put away groceries.

9. Make your beds

An made bed indicates a tidy space. A tidy room is visually appealing and encourages you to keep the aesthetics of your zen space. If the space feels clean, you are more likely to hang up your clothes, store your briefcase or gym bag in the closet, and arrange your books neatly.

10. Expect perfection.

It takes a lot of effort to keep your home spotless. This is especially true for families who work long hours, have children to carpool, are busy with other responsibilities, as well as the desire and need for social engagements, friendships, and quiet time. You will be able to manage your life and your home better if you set realistic expectations and goals. Our team finds it rewarding to be able to give advice. Sunrise-Cleaning’s personable business ethics and solid business ethics are a shining example of this. We know that you may need help organizing your daily household chores between appointments or contracts . This is quite common, and we are happy to share our knowledge and connect with you as soon as possible for any questions or cleaning concerns. Sunrise-Cleaning’s team is committed to providing exceptional services that enhance your busy life. Learn more about our renowned deep cleaning services and other essential services.


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