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Global contract cleaning services market was worth USD 292.6 billion in. It is projected to grow at a 6.1% compound annual growth rate (CAGR), between and. Market growth is being driven by increasing awareness of hygiene in the workplace and growing concerns about sustainability at work and employee wellbeing. For keeping the premises clean and healthy, commercial and industrial establishments are the ones that most often provide cleaning services. These include floor, upholstery and carpet cleaning. For cleaning services, large businesses, particularly, will enter into contracts with service providers. Business organizations are charged by service providers based on two factors: the type of service requested and the frequency of services. These can be daily, weekly, monthly, semi-annually or annually.

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Construction cleaning services can be hired one-time and charged according to the extent of cleaning needed. To ensure that their employees are happy and healthy, businesses spend a lot on the maintenance of their workplaces. Today’s service providers are moving towards green cleaning, which involves using natural products like vinegar, baking soda, or lemons to clean the premises. Green cleaning has been embraced due to growing environmental concerns and the adverse effects of using chemicals that can cause cancer or allergic reactions on the human body. Green products for cleaning are expected to be more popular in the future, influencing the service offerings of providers.

Due to the rise in fatal diseases, people and businesses are more concerned about their family’s health. This has led to increased spending on maintaining a clean environment where employees spend the majority of their work hours. In addition, house owners are increasingly hiring professional cleaners due to their increasing disposable income. The market growth is likely to be slowed by the introduction of automated cleaning robotics that use Artificial Intelligence (AI), to complete these tasks. The COVID-19 epidemic has increased hygiene concerns at work. With the gradual opening of the economy and the lifting of lockdown restrictions, hygiene procedures must be in place to ensure safety for employees and customers. In order to prevent outbreaks, business organizations are increasing the frequency and severity of premise sanitation. For reducing the chance of a second wave of the pandemic, several governments have issued SOPs/guidelines to businesses. Both industrial and commercial establishments must follow the guidelines to ensure the safety of employees as well as to prevent any legal action.

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In, floor and carpet cleaning accounted for 31% or more of global revenue. Because the area of floor and carpet cleaning can be tedious in large corporate offices and manufacturing plants, it is also time-consuming. This is why the cost of this service is more expensive than other services like upholstery or window cleaning. However, these services can vary in cost depending on factors like time, location, frequency, and complexity. Floor cleaning is an essential part of any industrial or commercial establishment. This is why it is often outsourced to qualified contractors. Other services include upholstery, construction cleaning, and windows. The fastest growing service is expected to be upholstery cleaning, due to the long-lasting and current COVID-19 impact. One of the products that is exposed to direct human contact is upholstery. This includes sofas/couches and padded chairs. Corporate offices have been increasingly using upholstery cleaning services to protect employees and their health post-coronavirus.

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