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 Banish dirt

Dirt can be described as a thousand little knives used to cut carpet fibres. You can grind dirt particles against carpet fibres when you walk on it. This creates tiny nicks in the fibres. Your carpet will look beautiful one bag at a time, with all that fuzz and dirt from your vacuum cleaner bags. Dirt can scratch the fibres and cause a dulling of the sheen. This is why high-traffic areas look duller than other carpets. The fibres become more porous over time due to dirt and grime being ground up. This makes it easier to stain. These are some tips for cleaning carpets to make sure they remain clean.

Vacuum frequently

Vacuum your entrances and high-traffic areas at least twice weekly to protect your carpet. Regular vacuuming can reduce the buildup of soil and oily soils.

Use a clean bag to start or filter.

A dirty bag, dirt cup, or filter can cut the vacuum’s suction. Bagless vacuums don’t work if the filters aren’t changed frequently enough. Bagless vacuums should be cleaned and replaced every three months. Vacuum bags should be replaced when they are three-quarters full.

Vacuum at the correct speed

It would help if you vacuumed slowly enough to remove as much dirt as possible. Do one quick sweep in low-traffic areas and two slow sweeps in high-traffic areas. Two slow passes will remove ground-in dirt better than several quick passes.

Walk-off mats

Use walk-off mats inside and outside to keep dirt from the carpeting. The coarse-textured mats outside your door will remove dirt and make it easier to clean your carpet. The carpet can be kept clean by using water-absorbent mats.

Use a pro wisely

Carpet manufacturers recommend that professional hot water extraction be used as the primary method of cleaning synthetic carpets. It’s also known as “steam cleaning, ” but no steam is involved. Pre-treat the carpet with a detergent solution. Then, a hot rinse solution is applied under high pressure to your carpet. Finally, vacuum it out. This process is very thorough and leaves no soap residue when done properly. To deep clean 1,000 square feet of carpet, professional cleaners charge between $300 and $500. Carpets up to 1,000 sq. ft. You might feel tempted to skip professional cleanings and rent a machine to clean your carpet. Don’t. Don’t. The surface dirt can be removed by a rented or bought carpet-cleaning machine. Deep cleaning is required to remove allergens, dust, and greasy residues. This requires the use of specialized equipment and professional training. Our DIY carpet cleaning tips are the best, and you should hire a professional every 12-18 months.

Do it yourself

Please get rid of dirt from the carpet before it gets filthy

The type of traffic to your carpet (think pets and kids) will determine how often it needs to be cleaned. When the carpet’s colour begins to fade, clean it immediately. Filthy cleaning carpets will take longer, cost more, and be more difficult.

Vacuum thoroughly before and after cleaning

To remove soil particles, vacuum the carpet before you start after you have finished cleaning, vacuum again to remove any soil or wicking material that may have settled on the carpet’s surface.

Do not accept bids over the telephone.

Quality pros will provide referrals, an in-home inspection, and a written estimate based on the carpeting’s area, type, and condition. They also provide a written guarantee for their work.

Avoid “discount” Carpet Cleaners.

Discount pros rely on volume sales and not building client relationships. They spray soap on your carpet and disappear in about 30 minutes. This soap residue can attract dirt to your carpet. Those “three rooms for 50 bucks” offers also get them into your house so they can sell you high-priced add-ons like spot removal and deodorizers–services that quality pros include for free.

Get rid of stains immediately.

How to spot clean carpet: Take action

There’s a 99.9% chance of getting rid of a stain if you act quickly. It is more difficult to remove stains that react chemically with carpeting.

How to spot clean carpet: Use water first

Plain tap water can remove 80 per cent of all stains. To absorb the stain:

  1. Place a dry, clean, white cloth on top of it.
  2. Continue this process until all of the spillages are gone.
  3. Use a damp towel to apply water to the stain gently.
  4. Blot the area until it is gone.
  5. If necessary, change the clothes. If you have a stubborn spot, use the online “spot-solver” tool at The Carpet and Rug Institute (the trade association representing carpet manufacturers) to identify it and provide a solution.
  6. If the area is very wet, dry it with a fan.

How to Spot Clean Carpets: Blot, don’t rub or scrub

A stain can be scrubbed away, but it can cause fibre damage and a fuzzy area. To avoid spreading the stain and making it worse, always blot the area from the outside toward the centre.

How to spot clean carpet: Be patient.

Use water to clean the spillage gently. Then, use a dry towel to wipe it off. Continue this process until all the water has been absorbed and the stain is gone. You can almost always remove the stain if you are patient.

How to Spot Clean Carpets: For tough spots, use vinegar or club soda

If water alone is not enough to remove a stain, try white vinegar and water (equal amounts), or club soda before you go for stronger commercial cleaning products.

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