Customised pictorial Cleaning Manuals and Training for cleaners and supervisors

Clean for Success - Training Program

What is Cleaning for Success?

The Clean for Success training program can help your cleaning service to achieve consistently high standards, by empowering and engaging your cleaning team.

You will be given a powerfully visual Cleaning Manual for your cleaners, plus dynamic train-the-trainer resources for your cleaning supervisors, all customised to your organisation’s best practices.

Research shows that when people understand exactly what they need to do, why and how to do it correctly, and are properly resourced to do so, they are happier and more productive as a result.

By following the steps of this program, we can turn your operations team into cleaning experts and brand ambassadors who are proud of what they do. This is cleaning for success.

How does it work?

7 part Cleaning Plan

Step 1 – Planning:

We start with a half day workshop for your Operations Team to teach them the smart systems and risk frameworks that the Clean for Success program is built on. You will explore opportunities for quality improvement and team building and the importance of cleaning well for healthy buildings. Following this workshop, we collaborate with your team to capture and systemise your processes for carrying out daily cleaning tasks, from start to finish, in our detailed 7-part Cleaning Plan Tool.

Step 2 – Customisation:

Your Cleaning Plan data will then be used to customise a pictorial Cleaning Manual for your cleaners, and train-the-trainer resources for your cleaning supervisors. This involves taking photographs and observations on a working site and advising about improvements to your workflow. We do all the work but you control the content.

Step 3 – Training:

When the Cleaning Manual is finalised, Supervisors will attend a train-the-trainer intensive.  Supported with training and assessment resources, they will learn how to teach the Cleaning Manual contents to cleaners during induction and tool-box training sessions.

Cleaners may also need to attend this training session if the Cleaning Plan process required significant changes to be made to your cleaning methods.

Why is Clean for Success needed?

On-the-job training

Regardless of whether you manage a cleaning service, or employ an in-house cleaning crew, effective on-the-job training and supervision is more important than ever.

Due to the cultural background of today’s cleaning labour market, there is a widespread lack of skills and knowledge required to clean effectively. Instead, they learn on the job from their peers and team leaders – each with differing techniques and capability.

While most organisations have some form of cleaning documentation, English is often a second language and they may not be able to understand complex written manuals.

Formal training

Investment in Nationally Accredited training is less attractive now that government subsidies are limited to new workers only, and as a result, supervisors who have been promoted from within, often miss out on formal training.

To bridge the gap, the role of training is being pushed onto the cleaning supplier and on-line WHS inductions. However this tends to create generic information that focuses more on the product than the technique, on risk prevention rather than empowerment, and on the outcome at the expense of the process.

Cleaning managers we speak to, are finding it challenging to control the quality and consistency of their cleaning services yet they feel they have limited capacity to improve the skills of their workers in the current climate.

The reactionary style of management that occurs as a result of these issues, is limiting the success of their organisation – and of their employees.

We developed the Clean for Success customised training program to put the focus back on the process of cleaning.

Clean for Success Cleaning Manual

CleanForSuccess_CleaningManual-Part 1-Smart Cleaning
CleanForSuccess_CleaningManual-Part 2 Full clean bathrooms

Drawing on 18 year’s cleaning industry experience and research, we have built the first pictorial Cleaning Manual to focus on all aspects of the cleaning process required to deliver clean and healthy buildings – that is fully customisable to your organisation’s unique best practice.

The Clean for Success Cleaning Manual is highly systemised and colour-coded. It is attractive, pictorial and easy-to-understand, and divided into two complimentary sections:

Part 1 – The rules:

  • The rules explains your organisation’s values and code of conduct, WHS requirements and our smart systems and frameworks for safe and efficient cleaning services.

Part 2 – The tasks:

  • The tasks consists of hundreds of step-by-step photos and simple instructions on up to 50 individual tasks sheets. Each sheet follows the same systemised approach with colour-coding, icons and step-by-step diagrams.
We’d love to show you our Cleaning Manual template – we think you’ll be impressed!

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