Clean and healthy buildings don’t happen by accident. You need well-planned and effective cleaning policies and procedures.

Develop your cleaning policy and procedures in 5 proven steps ...

In a nut shell ...

Fresh Green Clean helps organisations to develop effective policies and procedures for mandating best practices in cleaning.

You will be guided through a 5-step process that includes a workshop or conference call, questionnaires, policy templates and mentoring.

Our 5-step process

  1. Identify the need: define the risks and impacts associated with cleaning in your facility/sector and gaps in existing policies
  2. Engage stakeholders: identify will be affected, responsible and champion the new policy
  3. Gather information: compile relevant regulations/Standards, identify solutions and provide document templates
  4. Draft for feedback: develop a draft policy and obtain end-user feedback
  5. Finalise and approve: finalise your new policy/procedure, get top-down approval then promote to the stakeholders

This proven 5-step process acknowledges the vital role that facility owners, managers and occupants play in ensuring best practices in cleaning.

Why do you need one?

Does your organisation mandate how your facility should be cleaned, or how the service should be managed? Does it ensure the delivery of safe, healthy, hygienic and sustainable cleaning methods?

Most organisations that own and/or occupy buildings expect this to be covered by the cleaning contract and the expertise of the service company.

But we find that facility managers often have limited capacity and resources to control and monitor the way their cleaning services are operated: how safe the cleaning products are, how hygienic the equipment is, whether the cleaners are trained, supervised or even paid correctly.

This leaves your organisation open to wide range of risks and misses important opportunities for improved well-being, infection control and efficiency.

Effective cleaning policies and procedures will mandate strategies that mitigate these risks, and ensure the facility manager is empowered, resourced and required to enforce them.

The benefits

Make sure your building is really clean – not just visually clean:

  • surfaces free of toxic chemical residues
  • cleaning methods that remove and prevent germs from spreading
  • the air free of dust and fumes after cleaning

Help your organisation to meet:

  • WH&S Act, EPA and Fair Work Act legislation
  • Accreditation for Aged Care, Childcare and Health Care
  • Occupant Wellbeing programs such as WELL
  • Sustainability rating programs Green Star – Performance* and NABERs

*A ‘green cleaning policy’ is a requirement of the Green Cleaning Management credit for the Green Star – Performance rating program.

Bridget Gardner is the technical expert in cleaning for the Green Star – Performance rating scheme

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