Learn 5 easy steps to a clean, green and healthy home, in this fun and factual workshop!

fresh green cleaning!

In a nut shell

This workshop teaches participants a simple and effective system for keeping homes clean and healthy, developed by green cleaning guru Bridget Gardner:

  • 5 easy steps, and
  • 5 safe ingredients

Who is this session for?

  • Office lunchtime workshops
  • Community workshops (NGOs or Councils)

Participants receive:

  • Practical and interactive demonstrations
  • Electronic presentation and information sheets
  • Activity kit: a safe and effective creamy cleanser to make and take home

What does it cost?

Lunchtime seminar

30 – 50 minutes:

  • $500 (excluding GST)
  • Creamy cleanser kits are optional at $2.50 each

Medium workshop

1.5 – 2.5 hours:

  • $650 (excluding GST)
  • Price includes 30 x Activity kits

Long workshop

2.5 – 4 hours:

  • $800 (excluding GST)
  • Price includes 30 x Activity kits
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About your presenter:

An engaging and highly experienced presenter, Bridget Gardner honed her cleaning skills while running a cleaning business for 5 years.

She is now Australia’s recognised authority on sustainable cleaning practices and Director of Fresh Green Clean

What people are saying...

  • Bridget’s practical experience in green cleaning and her use of personal anecdotes proved a winner at the Detox Your Home workshop run by the City of Melbourne. Bridget possesses a warm, friendly manner, that combined with her enthusiasm for the topic, makes her an excellent presenter when engaging residents and community groups.  

    Gabrielle Stannus | Community Sustainability Officer | City of Melbourne
  • I thought I knew a thing or two about green cleaning but Bridget really opened my eyes to the myths and fallacies of what ‘clean’ actually is! I loved the course, it was very practical, very interactive and I now have everything I need to make our cleaning, healthy, safe, and at the same time, dramatically reducing negative impacts on the environment AND saving money. Perfect!

    Natasha Matthews | Senior Consultant | Great Forest Australia P/L
  • Thanks for the session, everyone found it really great and I found it incredibly useful and interesting… I’m still using my little pot of creamy cleanser and it’s still doing the job very well. Can’t believe how such a little goes such a long way! And how great it works.

    Debbie Coffey | Environmental Education Officer | Frankston City
  • Dear Bridget, Thanks for an inspiring talk. The world needs more people like you, and with your passion, research and articulate communication style, there will be. The world would go down the gurgler a whole lot faster if people like you stopped bothering. You inspire people at grass roots level, and that’s powerful. Thanks, with utmost respect.

    Penny Hayes
  • Thank you for your attendance at the Festival, we had good feedback thank you. I used the creamy cleanser the other night – it is fantastic!!

    Nelly Belperio | Environment Planner | Maroondah City
  • I really enjoyed your presentation, it really focused on getting people to think about the products they use and gives people the skills to make informed decisions. Well done!

    Dean Crossthwaite | Health and Safety Advisor – People and Safety | Melbourne Water