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There is a growing awareness about the impact that chemical toxicity, poor indoor air quality and unclean surfaces can have on people’s health and wellbeing. From headaches, loss of focus to absenteeism, unhealthy buildings can have a significant impact on productivity.

With increasing concerns about climate change, rising utility costs, plus the uptake of building rating systems Green Star–Performance, NABERS and WELL, organisations are demanding greater efficiencies in energy, water and waste from their service providers.

The Fair Work Ombudsman continues to focus on the cleaning industry’s FWA compliance, with any negative media reflecting badly on the corporate reputation of the building’s occupants.

More than ever, building and cleaning managers need evidence that risks to safety, sustainability, cross-infection and reputation have been identified and mitigated by their cleaning services.

Yet meeting such objectives can be extremely confusing and challenging to implement, measure and prove, leaving many organisations open to multiple risks and frustrations.

The problem

To start with, there are no Australian Standards or licencing requirements for cleaning services. Cleaning is often carried out at night, by unskilled workers, with poor English skills, working for low wages. This leads to high staff turnovers and time wasted on repeated training.

However, an underlying cause is that cleaning standards are measured by the performance outcome. The prevailing wisdom is that the process is irrelevant if the outcome is being achieved. But what outcomes are actually being measured? Is indoor air quality or surface contamination being tested? Rarely.

In fact, cleaning standards are usually only assessed by visually rating how clean a surface looks – even in hospitals.

There are three critical limitations to this outcome-based approach:

  • Germs are invisible,
  • The perception of clean is highly subjective, and
  • It is the process of cleaning determines that the outcome.

Outcome-based cleaning standards can only measure what has gone wrong, or missed, not what processes are likely to cause this outcome. It is like shutting the gate after the horse has bolted. It creates reactive, rather than proactive employee / contractual relationships – resulting in time wasted putting out spot-fires and more headaches for everyone.

The High Performance Cleaning Solution

To meet this pressing need, Fresh Green Clean’s Director, Bridget Gardner, has developed the High Performance Cleaning (HPC) Criteria framework – a set of four best practice Principles for Healthy, Sustainable, Ethical and Hygienic cleaning, and risk-based Objectives for meeting them.

Using non-prescriptive language, the HPC Criteria framework is ideal for cleaning standards and specifications. We hope that HPC will become the ‘HACCP’ for environmental cleaning services.

But we also saw a need for a program that could measure the whole cleaning service against these Principles and objectively test the outcomes. After 3 years of development and trials with leading service providers, Fresh Green Clean are excited to announce the release of the HPC Solutions™ Program.

The HPC Solutions Program

The HPC Solutions Program is for designed for organisations that own, occupy, manage and/or clean buildings, and need to ensure high standards of cleanliness, safety and sustainability.

This innovative program offers a cost-effective way to measure the whole cleaning service against the HPC Principles, then objectively and scientifically test the outcomes using ATP1 testing devices.

The HPC Planning tool systemises your workflows for routine tasks, which automatically populate our auditing tools, and creates training and monitoring tools for cleaners that are easily tailored to each new facility.

The HPC Solutions Program makes it easy for organisations to integrate HPC protocols into their existing management systems, and rewards the facility with an HPC Rating for its cleaning performance, to encourage buy-in and for promotional purposes.

How does it work?

The diagram shows how HPC Solutions™ Program takes participants through 4 proven steps to establish and rate their high performance cleaning in a pilot facility.

Once HPC Solutions has been fully implemented and rated in a pilot building, you are ready for the HPC Solutions Master Program.

Using their same HPC Plan, the Master program will offer organisations a cost-effective way to ensure high performance cleaning is continued to be delivered in the same building, and/or rolled-out across their portfolio for consistency and benchmarking purposes, via:

  • Access to on-line training and monitoring tools tailored to their HPC Plan and the facility on a user-pay basis, and
  • Registering the facility/s for a minimum annual On-site Audit and HPC Rating.

The benefits

HPC Solutions™ offers organisations a dynamic and cost-effective way to ensure consistently high performance cleaning is being delivered across their whole portfolio.

  • Rigorous criteria ensures compliance to healthcare regulations and rating systems such as WELL, Green Star – Performance and NABERS.
  • The audits identify risks to people and environment through the whole cleaning process, and Obtains objective evidence using scientific and digital technology
  • The program facilitates proactive, not reactive, cleaning service management and enhances strategic partnerships and transparent relationships.

HPC Solutions gives you peace of mind. Go home confident, knowing that the cleaning methods used in the facility you manage or clean, have been scientifically tested for their effectiveness.

Take back control and remove the risks from after-hours cleaning.

Call (03) 9481 2031 today to book a free consultation and find out how you can measure and improve the levels of hygiene in buildings you manage or clean.

What people are saying...

  • Retendering the cleaning contracts for all ACT Public Schools was a daunting task. But Bridget and the Fresh Green Clean team provided the expertise and direction we needed to develop a solution that is flexible while providing the highest levels of integrity and protection for vulnerable workers.

    Stuart Hunter | Senior Project Officer | Infrastructure & Capital Works | Education | ACT Government
  • “Your presentation was sophisticated and articulate as well as passionate and inspiring.  What a great combination!”

    Neri Brown | Planning & Building Enquiry Officer | City of Kingston
  • “The Green Cleaning Project trials have opened new channels of dialog that have been beneficial to all aspects of managing the cleaning contracts.”

    Colin McKibben | Leisure Centre Manager | City of Yarra
  • Bridget Gardner of Fresh Green Clean is the pre-eminent exponent of green cleaning in Australia. Nobody else has undertaken the research, testing and application of green cleaning methods and procedures that she has. If more people had the same drive and commitment as Bridget, our society and planet would be a much cleaner, healthier and friendlier place.

    John Laws
    Director of the Australian Cleaning Contractors Alliance (ACCA)